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"GSG Freight Forwarding" offers services regarding shipment and carriage of all kind of goods by sea, land and air, as well as customs clearance, forwarding, logistics and arrangement of a full package of services related to the said processes, considering the specific character and complexity thereof. Our company has been operating on the Georgian market since 2005. From the very date of foundation of our company, we have been implementing our obligations effectively and accurately thanks to our accumulated experience, support of our loyal consumers, professional personnel and reliable partners.
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In 2017 "Georgian Service Group" establishes new doughter company to take control of transportation and logistics, while parent company concentrates in other fields.
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Despite the decrease in freight turnover in 2016 company maintains the same turnover is in previous years. Diversification plans is unchanged that makes it to be lieder at the market. As a result of its two years hardworking company is finishing ambitious projects and will appear with a new platform before its faithful clients; with such platforms clients will be able to find out best prices and information about transit process in real time by clicking several buttons.  
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In 2015 GSG EURASIA LOGISTIC office is established in Istanbul. Number of company employees grows and consequently quality of service is increased. Company starts offering parcel and postage service to its clients. Company together with its partners participates in railway transportation of containers from China within the Silk Road - the largest-scale and the most significant project of the year. Company is at the first place in the region with its turnover according to national business rating data and at the fourth place among companies existing in the country market. 
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2014 is considered as a year of oversized and multimodal shipments, as the most part of company operations were project cargo after container shipments; container shipments were over 4000 Tones and project cargo was over 50000 Tones that year. Company establishes sales office in Tbilisi, that eases communication with clients.      
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In 2013 company diversifies services sector and offers air and general cargo transportation to its clients; in the same year company arranges several multimodal transportation projects of dangerous and military cargo which were successful and which was stimulus for long-term contracts in the field of same cargo. 
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In 2012 company establishes quality management systems according to ISO 9001 standards that reflects in quality of service and company reputation; at the same time company implements several large-scale project of international multimodal shipment of oversized freight;    
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In 2011 number of shipments performed by the company in a month is over hundreds and grows sustainably each month that is reflected in the company’s income which is directed for its goals of development and widening; first steps are taken in the field of chartering and Agenting of ships.   
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2010 can be considered as a year of taking worthy place at the market. Company has gained status of significant company at the sea container shipping market. Company has built trust of top seal lines exiting at the market and image of reliable partner, which contributed to the company’s ability to offer best prices to its clients; attempts for achieving goals was successful and the number of satisfied clients grows each month; 
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2009 can be considered as a year of company widening and setting of its ambitious goals for future.  Company becomes a member of FIATA - (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, which helps the company to acquire image of trustworthy company worldwide. In the same year company implements projects of inland transportation of the most oversized and heaviest freight in its history.
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In 2008 company has profit and it is used for development of company. At the same time investment is made for creation of transport park and company has bought several motor vehicles. Company starts to offer its clients international shipment service and manages to enter the market; Company implements significant projects in the same year, including large-scale shipment of military freight and equipment that contributes to its image as trustworthy company...
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In 2007 company offers its clients service of receiving, customs clearance and transportation to the last destination without leaving office. Company’s income starts growing in this period and income covers most of the company’s expenses for the end of the year.
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For 2006 company has gained top place an become significant at the customs and brokerage market and starts exploration of freight forwarding service market; first steps are being taken in this process for performance easy logistic tasks where the main contributing factor is the company’s image among clients as a reliable partner in this field; through such image clients easily agree to company’s offer on arrangement of transportation of their cargo from Georgian seaports to their destination.
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In the beginning of 2005 there appeared idea of starting customs-brokerage and transportation and freight forwarding business. On the June 6 “Georgian Service Group” a new brand was registered and first steps were taken with provision of customs clearance service. Service advised by the company to clients radically differs from the service provided by other companies at the market; which means that company provides service only for good faith clients and offers customs clearance of their cargo without hiding costs and evasion of law.
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TheThe projects implemented by us, the number of our loyal customers and partners, their reputation - that is one of the main objective answers to the question of why and how we differ from others who are offering the same services to customers. High sence of responsibility, skilled staff, partners all over the world and a huge experience is the reason why you should trust yor goods to us.


We believe that the strategic location of our country, our diligence, introduction of the latest standards in our work and the high degree of responsibility before the society and the partners will provide our better future. The interests of our partners and clients is the cornerstone of our corporate strategy aimed at the sustainable promotion of their business,which is a necessary condition for the development of our company.


We are committed to our business, constantly advance ourselves and are doing our best endeavors to make the cooperation with us easy and interesting. Our team’s experience and professionalism allows us to review the problems of every customer in complex, to make decision and to immediately fulfill the undertaken obligations.


We are doing our best to provide to our customers and partners the qualified, complex service which to the maximum meets their requirements, to ensure performance of our duties faithfully. We are building the organization on the best international standards and practices in order to achieve our goals of stability, security and reliability.



Company has been successfully participating in customs clearing services for export, import and transit operations. The date of foundation of our company coincided with the commencement of reforming and transparency processes by the Georgian customs authorities that had a positive impact on implementation of our Company’s strategy enabling to be a successful company on the Georgian market and offering customs clearance of our clients’ goods without any off-the-book costs. Professionalism and faithful attitude of our employees towards business motivates most of our clients to entrust customs clearance of their goods that enable them to get their goods directly in the warehouse without participation in boring customs clearance procedures. 

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The efficiency of chartering by the "GSG Freight Forwarding" is subject to our long experience, the great number of partner vessel owners, close partnership relations with international leading brokers and agents.  Whereas orders of our clients are often accompanied with the budget for the said services, we offer optimal routes and the best prices in order to assume liability and answer the expectations of our clients.

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Participation and experience of the company in processing and carriage of general, including bulk cargo in large quantities, enables us to offer you the best variant of carriage adapted to your demands, and the priority of partial and full chartering of vessels (bulk and structural cargo) is low price of carriage and short transit time that plays a key role when transporting by the said method. The full analysis of the aforesaid factors and implementation thereof is our priority that is valued by our clients and supported by their loyalty towards us. 

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One of the priority areas of the "GSG Freight Forwarding" is carriage of goods in containers by sea transport worldwide. We offer you carriage in containers of any capacity and any quantity in the reliable and cost-effective context.  70% of our cargo turnover covers containerized cargo transportation that is motivated by priority-based relationship of our partner shorelines towards us that, in its turn, is acquired thanks to our tireless and perpetualoperation. The said factors serve as key prerequisites enabling us to offer the best prices to our clients, the most optimal transit time and high quality service.

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"GSG Freight Forwading" has been rendering such services from 2011 in this field and has adequate experience that allows us to offer you the best prices and service of high quality. Our competent tariffs for carriage of goods by air, parcels and fast postal itemsare due to support of our partner airline and loyal tariff policy offered by them to our company.  All that is due to trust of our clients towards us and reliable partner image of our company in air services.

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Successful steps of the "GSG Freight Forwading" are related to land carriage services using motor and railway transport. The huge experience in this field enables us to offer you the most competitive prices, the highest quality services and reliable transportation of your cargo within Europe, the Central Asia, the South Caucasus and GIS countries. Most of the land carriages are carried out by our company using motor- and railway transport for shipment of containerized, dangerous and oversized goods. Our priority orientation is carriage of goods subject to temperature conditions through railway and motor transport. 

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"GSG Freight forwarding" has been providing such service from 2011 and every year it approximately carries up to 400 TEU dangerous cargoes that indicate on professional integrity of our company in this area. Our stable participation and image of our reliable partneris motivated by competitive prices for carriage offered to our clients, considering all significant factors of safety during transportation, and adherence to the provisions of the Agreement concerning International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and special instructions. 

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Many projects implemented by the "GSG Freight Forwading" and our capabilities enable us to offer you carriage of anyheavy and oversized cargo and shipment-related operations. Our many-year experience in this field allows us to accept and handle cargo, as well as obtain a permit for transport routes, ensure safe and reliable transportation around the world using land and air transport.

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To improve the efficiency of goods traffic from other countries, the logisticians suggest the use of multimodal traffic of goods, which implies a range of services for registration and transportation of cargo, using two or more different types of transport. With an increased turnover from the East, the experts of the company «GSG Freight Forwarding» offer their customers multimodal transportation of goods from China, Korea and other countries in Southeast Asia, at the same time they assume all of the obligations for registration of the cargo, as well as the organization of all transportation stages.

Multimodal goods traffic is quite a complicated scheme, the organization of which should be entrusted to the professionals of the logistic company. Ordering delivery from our carrier company, the customer receives a range of services at each stage of transportation. The cargo is taken from the supplier and delivered to the port, where, in the case of a modular cargo, consolidation of several batches of different customers shall be carried out.


Nowadays, groupage cargo shipping presents the most optimal and profitable option for the cargo, the volume of which is less than the volume of the standard container.

The experience of our company in groupage cargo shipping amounts to 7 years, which gives us an opportunity to offer the best prices to our clients and to guarantee the highest quality of the service. In the process of groupage cargo shipping the most important role is given to the cargo packaging and compliment with the safe shipping requirements according to its technical data, to which our representatives pay a special attention. Choosing of the most optimal route is important as well, in order to save time and to reduce our clients’ costs.


In “GSG Freight forwarding” One of the main priorities is worldwide, container shipping. We offer shipping of any size containers in any quantity, providing reliable and safe service.

GSG Freight Forwarding – a large logistic operator with more than 13-year experience in the logistic service market, which focuses on the international cargo transport The company employs highly qualified specialists in logistics, who will work out individual routes together with you and will provide consultation for all kinds of cargo transport. Container transport, mixed cargo, multimodal transport, rail, road and air transportCustoms legislation knowledge, high qualification and 11 years of experience enable us to provide all kinds of customs clearance and certification of goods.

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